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The Latest News from BioNovus Life Sciences:
NEW Products from ChromoTek
Go to ChromoTek websiteChromTek's GFP-Trap® and RFP-Trap® are the most propular of the Nano-Trap® products. The range continues to expand to include p53 C-term-Trap and p53 N-term-Trap, Myc-Trap® and MBP-Trap (MBP - maltose binding protein). The newest addtions to the product range are the Vimentin-Booster Atto 488 and the Vimentin Chromobody® GFP tagged Plasmid.

Nano-Traps® are made by coupling recombinant single domain antibody fragments (VHH) derived from alpacas to monovalent matrices (ie agarose beads, magnetic agarose beads, magnetic particles or multiwell plates).
Go to ChromoTek Products and Applications ChromoTek Products and Applications
NEW Products from Oxford Genetics
Go to Oxford Genetics website Oxford Genetics is a leading provider of more than 1,500 DNA plasmid vectors to the research community. To try and simplify genetic engineering, all of their products are based on the same core plasmid backbone (SnapFast™) and contain a comprehensive range of DNA components in different configurations.
The Oxford Genetics concept is simple: One plasmid, a thousand possibilities.
Go to Oxford Genetics Products and Applications Oxford Genetics Products and Applications
NEW Products from Oxford Expression Technologies
Go to Oxford Expression Technologies websiteOxford Expression Technologies are the experts in baculovirus protein expression. The flashBAC range of products makes baculovirus protein expression RAPID; FLEXIBLE; SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE. Oxford Expression Technologies flashBAC™ range of kits has ensured baculovirus based recombinant protein expression is now easy, convenient and accessible to everyone.
Go to NEW OET Blog site Oxford Expression Systems introduces a NEW Blog called "Baculovirus Expression Systems and Cell Culturing"
Go to NEW Products NEW Products from Oxford Expression Technologies
Go to Oxford Expression Technologies Products and Applications Oxford Expression Technologies Products and Applications
Tools to Measure Oxidative Stress from Oxford Biomedical Research
Go to Oxford Biomedical Research websiteOne of the most popular assays from Oxford Biomedical Research is their Urinary Isoprostane EIA kit. This is just one of their range of products for the measurement of oxidative stress.
Go to Feature on Oxidative Stress Oxidative Stress Feature
Go to Oxford Biomedical Research Products and Applications Oxford Biomedical Research Products and Applications
NEWS - NAMSA acquired by Crosstex International
Go to Crosstex Sterilisation Products websiteOn March 1, 2016, NAMSA’s Sterilization Products business was acquired by Crosstex International.  Over the next several months the NAMSA branded products will transition to a Crosstex branded products. Over this period some products will be branded NAMSA and some will be branded Crosstex. Full information on the transition can be found on the Crosstex International "Sterilisation Products" website.
Sterilisation Monitoring Products
Crosstex offers a wide range of sterilisation monitoring products used by pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, contract sterilisers, laboratories, and biotech companies. Known for consistent, reliable performance, these products are used to:
  Validate the effectiveness of the sterilisation process
  Monitor and assure the adequate sterilisation of products and instruments
  Monitor every load
  Distinguish processed from unprocessed goods
Go to Chemical Indicator Product Information Chemical Indicators
Go to BI Product Information Biological Indicators (BI's)
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NEW Products from Innova Biosciences
Go to Innova Biosciences websiteInnova Biosciences Lightning-Link® and Lightning-Link® Rapid kits are innovative one-step coupling methods which significantly simplifies the production of conjugates. Two exciting new products from Innova Biosciences: InnovaCoat GOLD® - gold nanoparticle conjugation kits and the improved Thunder-Link® PLUS - oligonucloetide conjugations kits.

Download the NEW Guide to Fluorochromes - with over 35 labels in the Lightning-Link® range of antibody and protein labelling kits, the guide provides an overview of their properties, excitation and emission wavelengths and common applications.
Go to FREE samples of Lighting-Link kits FREE Samples of Lightning-Link® Kits
Go to NEW Products NEW Products from Innova Bioscience
Go to Innova Biosciences Products and Applications Innova Biosciences Products and Applications
NEW Products from Jellagen
Go to Jellagen websiteJellagen produces research grade functional non-mammalian collagen products sustainably sourced from jellyfish. Fibrillar collagens such as type I, II, III and V exist as a triple helix. These form strong fibers that can be made into structures with excellent biocompatability, making collagen a highly versatile biomaterial. Jellagen's non-mammalian collagen retains its triple helix structure producing a functional collagen.
Next Generation Collagen for Next Generation Science
Go to Jellagen Products and Applications Jellagen Products and Applications
Prospec-Tany Technogene produces an extensive range of Recombinant Proteins, Peptides, Antibodies and related products
Go to ProSpec-Tany Technogene websiteProSpec-Tany Technogene (ProSpec) proprietary protein purification technologies deliver lower production costs and produce high yields of pure products with excellent biological activity. The range of products available from ProSpec includes Interferons, Interleukins, BMP's, TNF's, Leptins, SCF's, Prolactins, Chemokines, Antibodies, Peptides, Enzymes and Viral Antigens, plus a range of growth factors including: Platelet Derived, Epidermal, Insulin Like, Nerve, Connective Tissue, Vascular Endothelial, Fibroblast and many more.
Go to ProSpec Products and Applications ProSpec Products and Applications
Microbiologics Reference Microorganisms are sourced from major culture collections from around the world
Go to Microbiologics websiteMicrobiologics® is a leading producer of lyophilised microorganisms for quality control in microbiology laboratories world-wide. Specialising in clinical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, industrial, food quality, environmental and educational markets, there are over 3,000 items in the product range. Choose from more than 750 microorganisms from well known culture collections from around the world including ATCC®, NCIMB, NCTC and more.
Go to Epower CRM Now Available the NEW Epower Certified Reference Material (CRM) Quantitative Microorganisms - NOW available in 46 strains
Go to Lab-Elite Lab-Elite Certified Reference Material (CRM) Lyophilised Microorganisms - NOW available in 34 strains
Go to Microbiologics Products and Applications Microbiologics Products and Applications
Look for the ATCC Licensed Derivative Emblem® for products derived from ATCC® cultures.
Microbiologics® is registered trademark of Microbiologics, Inc. St Cloud, MN, USA.
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