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Find out more about our suppliers, their product ranges and their areas of specialisation
As the Australian distributor for our suppliers, we know it is important for our customers to be able to quickly find information on the products in which they are interested. Below you can go directly to General Information on our suppliers or to information on the Products and Applications available from each supplier or go directly to our Suppliers' Websites (click on the supplier's logo opposite).
Go to General Information on our Suppliers General Information on our Suppliers
Products/Applications by Supplier
Life Science Research
Go to4BioDx Products and Applications 4BioDx
Go to ChromoTek Products and Applications ChromoTek
Go to Creative BioMart Products and Applications Creative BioMart
Go to Expedeon Products and Applications Expedeon
Go to Jellagen Products and Applications Jellagen
Go to Native Antigen Products and Applications Native Antigen
Go to Oxford Biomecial Research Products and Applications Oxford Biomedical Research
Go to Oxford Expression Technologies Products and Applications Oxford Expression Technologies
Go to Oxford Geetics Products and Applications Oxford Genetics
Go to ProSpec-Tany Technogene Products and Applications ProSpec-Tany Technogene
Quality Control
Go to Crosstex Products and Applications Crosstex
Go to Microbiologics Products and Applications Microbiologics®
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Supplier Websites
Life Science Research
Go to 4BioDx website
Go to ChomoTek website
Go to Creative BioMart website


Go to Jellagen websitewww.jellagen.co.uk

Go to Native Antigen websitethenativeantigencompany.com
Go to Oxford Biomedical Research website
Go to Oxford Expression Technologies website
www.oxfordgenetics.com Go to ProSpec-Tany Technogene website
Quality Control
Go to Crosstex Sterilisation Products website
Go to Microbiologics website
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